Video of “Jesus Christ” in Kenya, speaks at a crusade

Apparently the second coming of Christ is here because a Kenyan pastor claims to have brought Jesus Christ back to this world as part of Jesus’ African tour

What we find interesting is, this Jesus likes taking pictures and rides in luxurious convoy with maximum security

Photos of the Caucasian male whom they are calling ‘Jesus’ were captured while he was speaking to a group of people in Kenya

According to Twitter user, @Desaylor1, the yet-to-be identified Kenyan pastor had the man dressed as the biblical version of Christ and had him speaking to his congregation after claiming to have found ‘Jesus’ on the streets of Kenya.

The pastor allegedly told his congregants that ‘Jesus’ had returned and lucky for them, He landed in Africa first.

If going by the theory of the pastor, it can be said that the pastor is in line to make heaven as the said ‘Jesus’ has returned to take him and his church members first to heaven.

As this ‘Jesus’ tours Africa, it is unclear how long before he claims his righteous followers and the dawn of the anti-Christ will begin.

Watch video below

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