Too Short – Why music lovers cant have enough of #Lucky by Sarkodie and Rudeboy

Less than a week ago, Sarkodie released a song off his upcoming “Black Love” album and checking social media feeds regarding the song, it seems almost everyone isnt getting enough of the song

Titled #Lucky, the song features Rudeboy of P Square fame with production credit going to MOG Beat, with video directed by Capital Dream Pictures. Now lets talk about why the song is too short for our liking.

The song is 4:30 seconds so its not that short. Actually its really long but the fact that it has great music ingredients with two music chef inside the kitchen, no matter the orders we place we still would want an extra veges or olives.

Factually speaking, Sarkodie hardly gives us this side of him where hes flaunting and fl¡rting with a woman. He usually does this on other peoples song but this time he went really dirty (in a professional way) for us. Thats another factor why we think the song is too short because we hardly get these kind of personal records from him and giving us this, we are enjoying it like its our last from him

Who knows, perhaps “Black Love” has songs like this for us. You can never predict his music sense

Another reason is production, the tones MOG used are just too sweet and as usual, Possi Gee can never go wrong with his mastering. Im sure with the beat alone we can have a great party, so having Sarkodie riding on it, Rudeboy fueling it, once again, the song is just too short, sounds like 15 second record right, it should have been an hour or more.

The lyrics are catchy and too easy to learn. My 2-year old daughter can sing the hook like #Lucky is the syllables they teach her in school.

We shouldnt forget the fact that Clarence gave us a very beautiful video to feed our eyes with. Its not good to say this but ill confess, I’ve downloaded just the 720p version of the video and connecting my HDMI from laptop to my LG TV, you cant blame me playing the video a thousand times a day.

The beautiful scene, color grading, and wait, who are these beautiful vixens? Sarkodie and Rudeboys costume for every verse fits the location and concept. They look simple but only fashionistas like us will understand how perfect their costume are for the resort. We need to congratulate Sarkodies stylist Trendy for this.

The second verse with him and Rudeboy is one of my favorites where Clarence recorded Rudeboy repeating the ham, dam, bam, nam, fam, tam, hram, nyam verses. The creativity behind that is something we need to commend Clarence for. Hes just a great director, no wonder his charges are not for jokers.

With these few observations lets thank Angelo and Blak Nana for once again, being part of this great project. Sometimes we dont see the hardwork you guys put in behind the scenes but lucky for some of us, weve been on the field with few brands so we know the stress one goes through before and after such projects.

Ghana is so happy for this record and ill keep saying this, the song is too short for our ears. I dont think im alone on this, im speaking for the masses

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